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PR Newswire Custom National Distribution

PR Newswire is the largest and most popular (with journalists) newsire that publishes press releases.

Smart PR professionals insist upon PR Newswire – the gold standard of PR distribution.

This is not a web-only syndication, but is sent directly into most news desks nationwide over PR Newswire’s private network.

Proof of Distribution – Visibility Reports

Just a few hours after your press release is published, you will receive a live Visibility Report direct from PR Newswire.

The Visibility Report shows a list of media sites where your release is published, and tracks page views and other engagement metrics in real time.

Big Press Release, Flat Rate Pricing, No Upsells

PressReleases.com was created with experienced PR professionals in mind.

You know what your news release needs to say, you can plan ahead, and you don’t need much editorial advice.

800 words and 3 targets will accommodate most press release needs, with no pricing upsells!

Where Does My Press Release Go?

1. Your Press Release Gets Custom National PR Newswire Distribution Automatically - Only $299

PR Newswire is the largest press release distribution service in the world. Their custom national distribution arrives directly in almost all newsrooms in the US. Plus, all of our press releases are distributed to the Associated Press (AP) news network.

Online syndication: Our press releases are distributed to nearly 6,000 websites. The media lists displayed below are representative samplings - these lists change over time. Please note that these lists do not include PressReleases.com subscribing journalists.

Our press releases are indexed in Google News, Yahoo! News, along with all major internet search engines.

PressReleases.com press releases are also saved in PR Newswire for Journalists, a private newsroom for more than 90,000 registered journalists, writers, and reporters.

2. Industry Targets & Trade Categories - Included

The Custom National PR Newswire Distribution is standard for all PressReleases.com press releases, but you can optionally send your release to any three of the target/trade categories listed below. Please note that this is not a complete list of news outlets, but is a sampling of mainly magazines and trade publications.

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3. Local Distribution - Included

If your release includes news of local interest, please note that even if some local news outlets are listed on our Custom National Newswire Distribution listing, the local news desks may not receive your press release. If your release has local interest, including Local Distribution is the best way to deliver your news to these local news desks.

Financial Disclosure All PressReleases.com distributions include media designated by NYSE, Amex and Nasdaq for financial disclosure - these include Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Reuters, Bloomberg, New York Times, and others.


Other PR Distribution services have many packages, and lots of add-on prices. We have just one - simple.


Custom National Distribution


  • Up to 800 words
  • 3 Targets
  • PR Newswire Traditional Distribution
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Price $99 $99 $99 $249 - $499
Industry Targeted Journalist List

PR Builder has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire to distribute press releases through a custom national distribution.

This is not the web-only iReach division of PR Newswire, this is the real newswire used by major corporations.

Google News & Associated Press

PR Builder's press releases are submitted to Google News. Click to see the most recent listings in Google News.

Visibility Proof of Distribution Report

Within hours of distribution, you receive a Visibility Report showing proof of distribution to various media websites. Click to see today's current reports.

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